•    First Click any of  the Categories/ Products in our Marketplace Like (Fashion,  Home & Garden,  Electronics etc..) .  

•    Choose your products which you want to buy from our Store regarding your requirement.  Click on the Products to see its details.  You have the options  to add the quantity and click on ADD TO CART.

•    You can Compare products according to your chosen Two or More...

•    After click on ADD TO CART , you can see the Shopping cart is being affected and the product is being added into the cart. Click on the Checkout to proceed further for next step.

•    NOTE-: You need to Register/Login into the site before checkout. You can also Guest Checkout.

•    So after Register you can Login to the Site and Proceed to Further Step. 1. You have the Billing Details -> Delivery Details -> Delivery Method -> Payment Method.

•    We have the Payment Method as Bank Deposit, iWallet etc..  Choose your Preferred Options and click on Continue. You have the confirm Order then to proceed.

•    Please note that, your order will be FULLY processed once your payment has reflected in our account which usually can take up a week due to the Ghanaian banking system. Cash payments may take less days to reflect.